The Day God Called You Home

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place. He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face. He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain. And knew that you would never get well on earth again. He saw your path was difficult, he closed you tired eyes, He whispered to you "Peace be Thine" and gave you wings to fly. When we saw you sleeping so calm and free of pain, We would not wish you back to earth to suffer once again. You've left us precious memories, your love will be our guide, You live on through your children, you're always by our side. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone. For part of us went with you on the day God called you home.

This is my story

This is my blog

Letters to an angel .....

11/08/2011 19:34pm - Home at last!


So at last we're home.

A long and tiring flight but we've made it.

This coming Monday we begin our next part of the battle.

This coming Monday we test the NHS defensive lines under pressure.

This coming Monday.........

We prepare for war.







10/08/2011 09:52am - England we're coming home!

Yes folks we're packed up and ready to come home!

We both want to thank everyone for their continued support, this was a trip that would not have been possible without YOUR help.

The clinic has officially discharged us ( that's Dr.Burzynski on the right ) and we have a treatment plan to present back to the doctors at home.

It has been a long and difficult journey to get here, but the biggest part of the challenge still lies ahead.

If we lose our IFR ( Individual Funding Request ) appeal then we are forced to go private and of course that means raising yet more money.

As Claire's husband i will do whatever it takes to get that money, and hopefully with YOUR continued support and help this will be yet another obstacle we can overcome together.

God bless you all and keep you safe.




06/08/2011 20:08pm

Hello everyone, it's been a couple of days since an update but i wanted to make sure that everyone had a chance to read the devastating news of the NHS's refusal to treat Claire when we return home.

I've been talking with Claire and we have already begun to plan the way forward for when we return home to the United Kingdom.

With our local MP's help we have begun researching the IVF( Individual Funding Request ) appeal. It would seem that we need to provide enough information for them to consider helping to treat Claire, amongst a whole host of other requirements including finding a willing oncologist to back us. The whole process again is painfully long and full of red tape but in the words of Jane Halpin, Chief Executive of Herts NHS:-

" I hope this helps set out a possible way through this. My apologies if it sounds convoluted, but I am sure you can understand the need for us to be able to get reassurance about the clinical validity and advisability of an unusual therapeutic approach, and the need to be able to demonstrate that public funds are used appropriately. Please let me know if you need further information at this point


Hmm 'public funds are used appropriately' - oh I know what you mean Jane, like the below?


£26bn Wasted on Computer Blunders. In January it was reported that The Independent had investigated Labour’s 10 most well-known IT mistakes and found that these mistakes cost taxpayers over £26bn in wasted funds. The biggest waste was a £12.7bn plan for the NHS to start using new electronic records. Fewer than 200 out of 9,000 health organizations are using the technology despite the fact that the money was spent on it. Delayed, canceled and faulty computer plans throughout the government continue to waste your money to this day.

£76bn Wasted on Trident Nuclear Missile System. Back in 2006, the government managed to sell the idea of the Trident Nuclear Missile System by citing a cost of less than £25bn. However, this cost didn’t take into consideration the long-term costs of maintaining the equipment once it was in place. The real cost for this program ended up at more than three times the initial projections. The real problem here was that the government forged ahead with the plan without actually allowing a debate to take place that might have allowed for conversation that would have resulted in a smarter spending decision.

£18bn Wasted on ID Cards that You Don’t Even Want. In 2005, the government wanted to institute a biometric passport system that would require people to get new IDs and would also require new ID equipment to be purchased. The government estimated the cost of the IDs to be approximately £93 per person and the cost of the equipment to be about £5.8bn in total. The true costs turned out to be about 3 times that at £300 per person and between £12bn and £18bn for the equipment. Last year the government upgraded the passport system in a £265 million contract with IBM

£5bn Wasted by Bad Gold Sale. The government’s blunders haven’t just been committed recently. If we look back to the period of time between 1992-2002 we can see that the government at that time managed to waste £5 bn simply by choosing to sell its gold at the wrong time. The treasury sold gold from the UK gold reserves at a time when the price was fairly low. The price climbed steadily after that but it was too late since the gold was already gone. You would think simple financial deals like this would be par for the course with the government but it’s clearly something that they can do wrong.

£17bn Wasted on Unnecessary High Speed Rail Link. Admittedly £17bn isn’t a lot of money to spend on advanced transportation like a high speed rail. However, it’s a big waste when the whole thing is going to only end up saving commuters about 20 minutes on the trip between Birmingham and London. Add in the fact that low-cost spending on existing rail lines would be much more cost-effective and the fact that the new proposed high speed rail might do some serious damage to the local countryside and you’ve got to start wondering why the government wants to spend so much money on this project!

£50m Wasted on Assets Recovery Agency. Here’s some bad math for you … Back in 2007, the government set up an agency to recover assets from criminal thieves. During its operation, the agency was able to recover approximately £8mn worth of assets. However, the cost to operate the agency during that time was £60mn. In other words, you paid a fortune in taxes to set up an agency that couldn’t even break even by doing its job.

£57m Wasted on Benefits for Dead People. In 2006 alone the government managed to make the appalling mistake of paying out £57m in benefits to people who weren’t actually alive to receive those benefits. The problem in nearly all of these cases was that the payments were set up to pay out automatically and the person died after the payment was already processed to be sent. The majority of the payments were made to pensioners who passed away but a significant amount was payment for income support to people who died while they were being supported. Did you even know that your income was going to pay the income of dead people?

£2.6bn Wasted on Benefit Fraud and Errors. If you thought it was bad that so much money was being wasted giving benefits to dead people then you might be even more upset to find out that about five times more than that was wasted on benefits that went to people who didn’t deserve them. Also in 2006 there was £2.6bn spent on benefits that were either fraudulent or were miscalculated due to simple errors. That’s a lot of waste happening for pretty much no reason at all. Do you think that they’ve learned their lesson since then? No, in fact, they’ve gotten worse. The Tax Payers Alliance reports that the most recent benefits waste due to fraud and errors was about £3.2bn.

£2.5m Wasted on Translators Paid to Do Nothing. Two women were paid £25,000 each per year for 15 years to basically do nothing. They had translating jobs that were given to freelancers but they were never reassigned to new work and essentially just collected a paycheck for showing up. You would think this would be something to be happy about but instead they complained about the fact that the government forgot about them. Long story short there was a lawsuit with claims of race discrimination and the end result was a waste of £2.5mn in salaries and legal fees for these ladies.

£600,000 Wasted on Lost Phones. What would you do if you lost your mobile phone? You would probably call your carrier and cancel your service so that you wouldn’t be charged if someone picked up the phone and used it right? The government apparently doesn’t have that kind of common sense, though. Back in 2003 the government sent 10 phones to Iraq but never confirmed where they ended up. A year and a half later they realized that two of the phones had been stolen and were used to rack up £600,000 in phone bills. Yes, it was your money that paid that bill.

£800m Wasted to Help People “Feel European”. There is an EU programme in place that is designed to help people aged 13-30 “feel more European”. This is done through events and classes that teach things like traidtional folk dancing and basket weaving. Hidden in the £800mn expense is a portion of money that is used by the children of government officials for the purpose of sending them on ski trips. In a time when the global economy is shaky at best, how can an expense like this be justified to taxpayers?

£1bn Wasted on Perk Credit Cards. Last year UK government officials managed to spend £1bn on their government procurement credit cards. Sure, some of this spending might have been for things that were actually needed. However it’s been shown that a lot of that spending was on frivolous stuff like super-expensive lunches. The average person knows that spending on credit cards should always be a last resort. And the problem is particularly bad since there are so many people in the public sector who expect to be laid off because the government supposedly can’t afford to keep them on.

£240m Wasted on Fire Control Centres. In another infamous example of bad spending projections, the government said back in 2004 that they needed £72mn to set up a network of fire control centres that would increase safety in the area. The main purpose was to get the area truly safe for the 2012 Olympics. However, the centres are not complete and may not be up and running before the Olympics happen. Plus the cost has now more than tripled to a projected £240mn. This includes a massive £40,000 day spent PER DAY on headquarters that are being rented but sit empty.

£3m Wasted on Legal Aid to Criminal Politicians. Three Labour politicians have recently been accused of stealing £60,000. That’s not good. But what’s even less good is the fact that they aren’t hiring their own lawyers but instead are getting legal aid. It is expected that the total cost to taxpayers for their ongoing legal fees could be as much as £3mn.

£4m Wasted on Untested Alternative Medicine. The NHS has been wasting your money by giving out alternative medicine that is controversial. Many people are saying that the £4mn spent recently on homeopathic cures was essentially like spending that much money on candy for patients since it did them about as much good as the candy might have. The case for this spending has supporters on both sides but it’s definitely questionable in a time when prudent spending would be smartest.

Millions of Pounds Wasted on Motorcycle Test Centres. A new Europe-wide motorcycle exam is required now. However it’s only in the UK that the government deemed it necessary to open 66 new testing centres for the exam. The old testing centers for other vehicles could have been used or upgraded at a much smaller cost to taxpayers. It’s not clear at this time how much money was wasted on the project but it’s apparently in the millions of pounds.

£2.4m Wasted on Website When a Free Alternative Could Have Been Used. The UK government spent £2.4mn to build a website that offers cycling route information to people in the area. This is a great idea for a website but it wasn’t necessary to spend that much money. That’s because there’s already a website with this information which is far more accurate and comprehensive than the government website. The government could have simply linked to this existing website instead of spending your money to build their own inadequate version.

£650m Per Year Wasted Because of Refusal to Recycle. It isn’t just the people who care about the Earth who want the UK government to start doing more recycling. It’s also the people who care about where their money goes. One report indicates that the government is wasting £650mn per year on dumping and incinerating trash that could be recycled at a much lower cost.

£2.4m Wasted on Police PR. The police apparently want to look good in the media and the cost is coming straight out of your bank account. A recent report shows that 4 West Midlands police officers managed to waste £2.4m on media relations, a 75% increase in spending for their normal budget. They say it’s worth it because the press releases help to catch criminals but whether or not that is true is a bit questionable

£50bn Wasted Per Year Because the Government Won’t Cut Back Where it Can. Finally, research from the Tax Payers Alliance shows that the government is currently wasting approximately £50bn per year on things that they could cut back on but just don’t bother. Expenses include spending £6.5bn per year on the Department of Trade and Industry which seems to do little if nothing in its government role, spending £1.7bn too much per year on sick calls by public sector workers and spending £1.7bn per year on failed Ministry of Defence projects.


Do i sound bitter?

Lots of love

Claire & Chris

21:00pm 03/08/2011

Hello everyone.

So today was D-Day and what a day it turned out to be.

Claire passed through the PET/CT scan with flying colours, the radiologist has enough information to work with and we should get the results within the next few days.

I am also very pleased to announce that Claire has begun treatment on one drug at the clinic and tomorrow begins an additional two more.

So that's the good news, now here's the bad.

The NHS back home have today confirmed that they will NOT treat Claire on the recommended drug regimen from the Burzynski clinic.

Yes you read that correctly the first time, but here it is again for anyone who didn't take it in the first time


Why not you ask?

Well i know what some of you are thinking, your thinking that the reason that they have said no is because these drugs that the clinic are recommending are none proven in this field, okay let's address that one:-

"Again, I have just completed by third cycle of Abraxine and Avastin.  I had a PET/CT on Monday and my results came back as no evidence of disease"

"ABRAXANE in Combination with Bevacizumab Shows Promise in New Model of Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

"My July 10 results showed continued reduction of tumor on the weekly regimen. I am currently awaiting the results of my PET/CT scans from last week. Ugh!!"

"Have been on Abraxane and Avastin since June..........My tumor markers have also fallen to nearly normal. I also wondered why this combo of drugs isn't used as a first line chemo."

" i have been doing A & A (weekly) since last august.  that's right, over a year now.  i have had a few short breaks, none longer than a month.  the absolute greatest news is, IT WORKS!"

Or maybe your thinking that they have said no because these drugs are from the Burzynski clinic, following a planned course of treatment from Dr.Burzynski himself, a man with a controversial past in this field.

Could that be the reason?


These drugs are NOT exclusive to the clinic.

Okay so it must be that the clinics method of 'Gene targetted therapy' is absolute nonsense and would never be employed or recommended by any governing body / institute and it's simply a lot of fancy talk?

The below is a direct quote from The National Cancer Institute, an organisation not related to the Burzynski clinic.

"What impact will targeted therapies have on cancer treatment?

Targeted cancer therapies give doctors a better way to tailor cancer treatment, especially when a target is present in some but not all tumors of a particular type, as is the case for HER-2. Eventually, treatments may be individualized based on the unique set of molecular targets produced by the patient’s tumor. Targeted cancer therapies also hold the promise of being more selective for cancer cells than normal cells, thus harming fewer normal cells, reducing side effects, and improving quality of life."

So why on earth wont they treat my wife back home in the country where she lives, pays national insurance, taxes and more.......

It's because the NHS or governing body of the NHS has deemed that my wife, my Claire is not worth the cost.

What does this all mean then.

It means that Claire will have to apply for and go through the "Individual Funding Requests (IFR) process" - this is where we try and prove to a different or possibly even the same governing body that my Claire is worth the treatment.

If we fail to convince them that my wifes life is worth the cost, we will have to try and raise the money ourselves, this is now likely to be in the region of £10-15K per month.

When we come home, know this.

I will do whatever it takes, pursue every avenue, leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of justice for my wife, this is a human being, this is my wife's live.


And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall lay my vengeance upon them

Ezekiel 25:17


19:57pm 02/08/2011

Hello all, here's todays update.

Today we saw the nutritionist at the clinic and come out positive in the changes that we need to make to Claire's diet to keep her fit and healthy and in tip top shape for the road ahead.

Tomorrow is D-Day for treatment.

We are going to have a PET/CT scan at the Houston Imaging Center under sedation ( Claire cannot lay flat without incredible pain from the tumor in her neck which makes scans incredibly difficult to achieve ) and then we are going back to the clinic to have the Abraxane/Avastin IV combination as soon as possible.

Fingers crossed she will tolerate it best she can and with as little side effects as possible.

We have just over one week left here and need to get started on some form of treatment.

Claire's had numerous chemotherapy drugs in the past and has also had radiation therapy so am hoping that she will get through this and be positive in her mind to continue with the treatment back home.

We have contacted our doctors in England and are anxiously awaiting confirmation that they will work with the clinic in administering these drugs when we are discharged, and provide the Burzynski clinic with bloods and scan results as needed over the months ahead, and help us all to move forward in our lives.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

God bless you all

Claire & Chris


19:49pm 31/07/2011

Although it's quite early here Claire and myself are really tired, it's been an incredibly long and hot day, so, without any further interruptions, here's the update!

Yesterday we went to the Space Centre. It was a shame we didn't have Rosie & Lily with us as there were lots of activities for children to see and do.





Today at last, we managed to get to the zoo. There were lots of animals to see and it was really well organised. I'm not quite sure what the temperature was today but it was so hot that after several hours we decided to call it a day and head home!










Claire's doing really well, no more nausea or vomiting. We're gearing up for the big day on Wednesday when she undergoes another PET/CT scan and then it's straight to the clinic to start the drugs and hopefully the way forward.






Stay posted.

Lots of love

Claire & Chris



16:57pm 30/07/2011

It's Claire's husband here with a delayed update, but an update none the less.

On Friday we went to the clinic to see what the next phase of the treatment for Claire was going to be.

As she is not tolerating the first of the antineoplastons the Doctors have decided that with little time before we leave to come home to the United Kingdom, we should start a strict regimen of different drugs asap.

There is only one problem.

Claire will have to re-do the CT/PET scans as unfortunately the scans that she did have, did not give the Radiologist enough to work with. The next available scan with staff who are trained and that can sedate Claire to help with her pain management, will be this Wednesday, this as you can imagine was very disapointing to hear.

Time is passing by, we've been here for over a week already and we've still yet to get Claire started on any treatment that she can tolerate and give us a plan of action to take back to the United Kingdom to present to our Doctors.

The three drugs that have been proposed by the clinic total at $13,825 per month which works out at roughly £8,413 back home.

Once Claire has been cleared to start this treatment we are hoping to get at least two weeks worth here before returning home and then looking to continue the treatment with the NHS and the clinic working together.

Dr.Rakhmanov ( in charge of Claire ) has already said that he will personally fax the plan of action to Claire's oncologist and does not believe that Claire should have any problems being treated with two of the three proposed drugs, he does however feel that one of them may be controversial but we will have to deal with that if and when it happens.

We are also hoping to get at least two of the three drugs on the NHS to help with the monthly costs, but again, it may be that we have yet another obstacle in our path, but we wont know fully until we come home.

"Let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth. "

-- 1 John 3:18


Claire & Chris


20:26pm 28/07/2011

Although we wished to return to the clinic today we decided that it would be best to give Claire another day of rest, to get over the nausea and vomiting and gain her strength back.

We have booked back in for tomorrow at which point we hope to start again on some form of treatment, whether it's the antineoplastons or Herceptin/Avastin or Tykerb or one of the many other drugs that the clinic has managed to outline for Claire.

Claire's eager to push forward regardless of the setbacks and is looking forward to starting the battle again.

In the words of the immortal Ozzy Ozbourne - 'God bless you all'!

20:02pm 27/07/2011

Hello everyone, Claire's husband here with todays news

I have to ask you, why does nothing ever run smoothly in life?

After having that good news the other day from the clinic Claire had another bout of all night vomiting and we ended up back down the hospital, IV drips, saline solutions, staff right out of ER and a dose of morphine straight into the vein that had Claire smiling like she did on the day i proposed.

Once again after being re-hydrated and having some pain medication Claire was discharged and we took a yellow taxi cab back to our accomodation for her to recover.

Claire is as you can imagine absolutely shattered, she's resting comfortably now.

Fingers crossed tomorrow she'll be up and about and i'm hoping to persuade her to re-attend the clinic to once again start treatment.

Now i know i am married to Claire and so you probably think i'm being biased here but I have to say that I have never known anyone who can take this level of physical and emotional pain day in day out and still get up and come back for more.

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear ...
-- 1 John 4:18

21:18pm 26/07/2011

Hello everyone, it's Claire's husband here with an update as to Claire's progress.

So at last, we manage to catch a break.

At the Burzynski clinic Dr.Rakhmanov gave us a small insight into the genetic marker results from the bloods they took.

Claire's tumour markers are 65% positive for HER2 receptors, which means that she can have the drug Herceptin , she is also now eligible to have the drug Avastin, both drugs are big in the treatment of Cancer.

There are two more genetic marker results to come back and hopefully we will have these tomorrow, if so the doctors will sit down with us and give us their recommend plan of action, details of the drugs and how they are going to be given.

The bottom line of all of the above is that now, Claire has options, options that weren't their back home.

Herceptin is readily available on the NHS, Avastin can be a little trickier to get hold of but the bottom line is that both are available drugs in England, and providing Claire's oncologist is willing to prescribe them ( and he will be believe me ) then obviously this is great news for Claire and for those of you on facebook, you know just how eager she is to start.

Claire spoke to her mother yesterday who informed her that a letter had arrived at home from the hospital, thinking that it would be an appointment or other, Claire's mother opened the letter.

To our absolute disbelief right at the very bottom of this letter it said 'HER2 receptors: still awaiting results' , this from a biopsy Claire had over a year ago!!

My wife could have been on Herceptin for a year already.

Moving on I am pleased to say that Claire started back on the antineoplastons from the clinic today, one dose, which she's managed to keep down and fingers crossed will keep down and then each day we will begin to gradually up the dose until she is at maximum.

To go back on a drug that has made you physically sick and required a hospital visit requires an enormous amount of courage and determination and as i've stated many times before, if there's one person on this planet who will prove the survival statistics wrong of this harrowing disease, it's my Claire.

This i dedicate to her

"Love is patient; love is kind.
Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude.
It does not insist on its own way: it is not irritable or resentful;
it does not rejoice in wrong doing, but rejoices in truth.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
And now faith, hope, and love abide,
and the greatest of these is love."

1 Corinthians 13:4-8


19:51pm 25/07/2011

Had a good day today, been to the clinic and Claire's feeling good.

More to follow.......

Love Claire & Chris


21:05pm 24/07/2011

Had a restful day today, appointment tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Love Claire & Chris


21:00pm 23/07/2011

Claire's had a restful and relaxing day today, hoping for the same tomorrow before we attend the clinic on Monday.

God bless


21:25 22/07/2011

Hello all.

Although Claire was due back at the clinic today we both decided that some additional rest and recovery time was needed.

We're booked into the clinic this monday coming but before then, this weekend, we're just going to forget about everything and relax, take some time out for us and enjoy our surrounding area.


Love Claire & Chris


21:11pm 21/07/2011

Hello all, RadioActiveMan here with todays update and what a day it's been.

I awoke to find that Claire had been sick throughout the night (yes she didn't wake me, yes i'm a deep sleeper and no i really didn't hear her!) and after taking her blood pressure and pulse rate several times we both decided that it was silly to take any chances and instead she let me ring '911!' - well i rang the front desk and they rang it for me but that still counts!

The ambulance turned up promptly and we arrived at the Memorial Hermann hospital within no time at all.





After giving Claire some pain medication and an IV saline drip to re-hydrate her, within a couple of hours Claire was good as new and we were able to be discharged to a bill of $1,249.50 ( if your reading this and you work for our insurance company, chill! it was necessary! oh and please, when you get the up!)

Claire is resting peacefully as i type this, she's still a little nauseous but after queueing at Wal-Mart for her prescription of anti-sickness medication she's popped a couple of those and managed to keep some small amount of fluids down and some more pain relief tablets too.

( Cue photo of the weird wal-mart shopper dude with pink socks, yes those are mens feet your looking at! )




( Cue photo of ridiculous car temperature to get to Wal-Mart only to be faced with pink sock man! Aaarrgghh! )




We're not sure yet but it's possible that she's had a reaction to the first of the drugs from the clinic, we are due back tomorrow so hope for some clarification then, fingers crossed it was a dodgy batch of bbq beans from Fuddruckers ( yes you read that correctly! ) the night before and treatment can continue as normal at tomorrows appointment. We're also seeing a nutritionist as well and i'm pretty sure he's about to take all of the fun out of Claire's current diet!


Until next time......................'To Infinite And Beyond' - Oops sorry, that's Buzz Lightyear!


Best just say lots of love then from a very tired Claire & RadioActiveMan.



22:01pm 20/07/2011

Hello all, Claire's husband here with an update of our progress.

Claire attended a PET/CT scan today at the Houston Imaging Centre.

We were picked up this morning at 06:30am and whisked off, ready to start the day!. After being injected with a radioactive glucose serum we waited to begin the scan only to have a powercut ! This knocked out the scanner we were hoping to use and unfortunately the scanner in question ended up in silicon heaven ( Red Dwarf fans will know what i mean! ) this then meant that we had to be driven ( by our nurse! ) to a massive oncology centre which to be fair, was simply out of this world, to use their equipment.


We had been told that i would be able to be present in the room with Claire for the scan but the nurses in charge said that if this were to be the case then i would have to dress up like a superhero, no problem i said! I'll be RadioActive man! Now, where's my lead apron!





Claire managed 6 out of 9 sets of images before the pain of lying down in the scanner was simply too much and we called it a day. She did amazingly well to get this far. Claire is not able to lay flat for even a short period of time before the tumour in her neck puts so much pressure on the surrounding area that the pain is simply intolerable, so i'm sure as you'll all agree, to get the amount of images she did was really quite a feat, well done Claire.

Whilst at the Houston Imaging Centre I made sure to check out the computer equiment etc ( hey i'm a geek! ) and am pleased to let Bill @ Microsoft know that Windows NT4 is still being used on dog old PC's to get the job done!





After the scans had all been done at the clinic we left to go home and get Claire some pain medication and something to eat. We were booked in to the Burzynski clinic at 14:00pm so we had to be quick. After eating we arrived for our appointment, Claire was thoroughly exhausted by this point and it'd been a very long day for her as she had not slept the night before and had also had to fast! However, we were almost home free.

Claire has today begun on the treatment at the clinic that we hope will be effective in her battle. This treatment, if she tolerates it, will be upped in dosage until she reaches the maximum, after which point she will stay on this for a minimum of two months. There is also now a possibility that she will be having further gene targeted drugs added to her prescription but we wont know anymore until we return to the clinic tomorrow!

And with that i'm off to bed, keep checking back for more adventures of Claire and Radioactive Man!






21:57pm 19/07/2011

As you know we were due at the clinic today to begin Claire's treatment, unfortunately she was in a lot of pain this morning and was clearly still exhausted from not only the flight, but also yesterdays long and stressful consultation day. We both decided that it would be better to take this as a day of rest and recovery ready for an early start tomorrow.

This actually works a lot better for everyone involved as Claire has her PET/CT scan tomorrow morning at 06:30am and after this has been done we can go straight to the clinic with the results in hand and get things moving again.

So with all of this in mind we had a restful day and spent more time looking around our location and deciding upon Pappasito's Cantina for dinner. The food and service was very good and as usual the portion sizes were more than we could both manage!

I just also wanted to say that we've both been checking the weather back home and for everyone in England, it rains here too!

More to come tomorrow........!








22:27pm 18/07/2011

Today we made the trip to meet with Dr.Burzynski at his clinic in Houston, Texas.

This had been a long time coming, what was once a dream for us, today, became a reality.

After months of fund raising, of hard work by more people than i can mention, of various donation amounts, of outstanding and generous actions, it gives me great pleasure to tell you all that tomorrow, on the 19/07/2011 Claire will begin her treatment and start on what we hope will be the road to recovery.

We still have a long way to go in raising the funds to see Claire's treatment through from the beginning to the end but thanks to YOU Claire has at least been given the chance to start this radical new cancer treatment and there are simply no words that can convey my thanks.

I can't keep my eyes open any longer so please check back tomorrow for more news of todays visit.






05:38am 18/07/2011

Hello all. Sorry this is late/out of time but i'm having real trouble getting my body clock adjusted so you'll just have to bear with me!

After applying sun cream, donning the bandana, putting Claire in the wheelchair ( coming soon! ) we set off in search of something to eat. We headed to the 'Taste of Texas' only to find that you couldn't 'Taste Texas' until 3PM so with roughly an hour to use up we ventured across several large car parks, tipping the chair several times much to Claire's displeasure! and found a pub cleverly disguised using a shop front style layout. It was pitch black inside but this didn't put us off and we ventured in. Luckily drinks were available and as you can see i wasted no time in taste testing the local beverage ( Heineken! ) and i have to say the hospitality was first rate and we met several people who were all very friendly, polite and courteous and before you knew it i was being invited to sit down and play Texas Hold Em Poker in Texas itself, legendary!

It took me several attempts at taste testing the local beverages before i was happy to give my seal of approval but sometimes these things just have to be done! but alas it was now time to say good bye to my new found poker friends and off we set, back in search of the 'Taste of Texas'.

At the restaurant we managed to get a table, sat down to what was a very nice meal, first rate service, and an amazing Snickers bar dessert before heading back to the hotel room to recover and recuperate! All in all a great day.

Todays going to be the initial consultation period at the Burzynski clinic and we're both ( as the time gets nearer ) very anxious/nervous and just unsure of whats going to happen. Claire's resting peacefully after dosing herself up on Oramorph for her constant pain from her neck tumour but other than that and of course being stressed and anxious, she's doing really well, Eve you should be very proud.

Today I hope to meet the man in person whose going to save my wife's live, Dr Burzynski, and i have to say it's a very strange feeling.





Day 2 Part I

Well we're part way through Day 2 over here and i thought i'd take the opportunity to upload some photos and do a blog update. There will be more again later so please do check back. It's hot and humid over here but it's still really nice, we are going to go out shortly and have a look around, possibly get something to eat. Claire's doing really well, stressed but doing good, she's obviously nervous about what tomorrow holds as we have our initial consultation at the clinic but i'm confident that once we get the treatment started things will ease off and she'll be able to relax a little.

I've posted some photos below which you can click on for the full size image, to show you the surrounding area and also a couple of shots of our accomodation.





22:53pm 15/07/2011

Have arrived at Heathrow and are currently in the local Travel Lodge. Both very tired and stressed but tomorrow's the start of an amazing journey and to be quite honest, all the stress aside i can't wait and neither can Claire. Hoping you are all well and keep coming back to follow this story. God bless.

15:00pm 15/07/2011

The bags are packed! We're both very nervous and stressed but looking forward to getting the show on the road and treatment started. Tonight we stay at Heathrow and depart via British Airways tomorrow morning. Hopefully the flight will be smooth and not too long and Claire will be able to rest comfortably. Keep checking back for news as it happens!

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